And So it Begins

And so it begins. Four the last four years, I’ve been bringing my beers down the block to the Strap, giving out samples and getting feedback…prepping for this day. Spent so many damn nights inside that bar writing recipes, crunching numbers, planning out the layout of the brewery…you name it. I promised Kenny that when we eventually opened Hackensack Brewing, he’d be the first AND ONLY bar to carry it for the first week we went live. I’m super amped to report…THAT DAY IS NOW.

The first offering from Hackensack Brewing…for one week, available EXCLUSIVELY at the Straphanger Saloon in Hackensack: our Irish Stout, Moment’s Notice… weighing in at 5%, this flavorful, highly drinkable stout immediately hits the palate with notes of chocolate, toffee, and an underlying current of roasted java. An extra-long boil is was used to create caramelization within the kettle, resulting in a layering of rich flavor that simply cannot be duplicated through the use of adjuncts. The beer’s name is an ode to Hackensack’s unique place in Jazz history. In the 1950’s the sound of Blue Note records, and thus the sound of Jazz globally, was defined by Rudy Van Gelder and the artists that came together in the recording studio he set up in his parent’s living room up on Prospect Avenue. From Miles Davis to Thelonious Monk to Donald Byrd to Grant Green and on and on. The amount of incredible jazz music created in this city is ridiculous. Moment’s Notice is a track of off of John Coltrane’s masterpiece “Blue Trane”, recorded in that Hackensack living room, back in 1958. Moment’s Notice is also an ode to how things go down when you’re opening a brewery….you gotta adapt to MAJOR issues at a moment’s notice. lol

If you’re around, come check us out down at the Straphanger Saloon at the Anderson Street train station tomorrow night for our Hackensack Brewing debut. (It’s actually on right now if you’re around 🤫😉)


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