All Black Eldorado


Bright tropical fruit flavors and aromas of pear, watermelon, and stone fruit belie an obsidian exterior. No roast in this dark beer, a clean malt profile allows the hops to do their thing. A tribute to Frank White, the desperado....

Musket Fog


A juicy, hazy New England style IPA dry-hopped with copious amounts of Citra, Amarillo, and Motueka. A clean grain bill allows the tropical fruit to shine, while the addition of flaked wheat and flaked oats construct a mouthfeel that allows the intense fruit flavor to linger around the palate for a while. Dedicated to New Bridge Landing, a key crossing during the Revolutionary War, just up the road from the brewery. Washington's narrow escape from the British over the Hackensack River earned it the title "The Bridge That Saved a Nation"

Moment's Notice


A Hackensack staple. This flavorful, highly drinkable stout immediately hits the palate with notes of chocolate, toffee, and an underlying current of roasted java. An extra-long boil is employed to create caramelization within the kettle, resulting in a layering of rich flavors that simply cannot be duplicated through the use of adjuncts (not a shot at adjuncts...we love some adjuncts...just paintin' a picture here). The beer's title is an ode to Hackensack's unique place in Jazz history. In the 1950's the sound of Blue Note records, and thus the sound of Jazz globally, was defined by Rudy Van Gelder and the artists that came together in the recording studio he set up in his parent's living room up on Prospect Avenue. Moment's Notice is a track of off of John Coltrane's masterpiece "Blue Trane", recorded in that Hackensack living room, back in 1958.

Nu-Bajan Blonde


An incredibly approachable blonde ale infused with real double-fold Madagascar vanilla. A great beer for those just getting into craft beer or those looking for something light and flavorful. A gateway beer, if you will.  The name hearkens back to pre-Revolutionary War days, when Hackensack was known as New Barbadoes Township. The people of Barbados are referred to as "Bajan" (pronounced "bay-jun"), hence the beer's name.

Pepper Coast


The concept behind this beer was to create a strong pale ale that finished with a blend of crushed black pepper and lemon-forward hops...similar to the way that lemon and pepper harmonize in cuisine. What resulted from that idea became much more. While digging through the spice bin at KB's African market down on Anderson Street, we came across Uziza pepper, a spicy black pepper that plays a central role in Ghanaian cuisine. We ground up handfuls of the pepper and added it to the end of the boil with our whirlpool hop additions. The result is a truly unique beer. Carefully layered malts give way to a citrus-brite hop presence, defined by generous amounts of Sorachi Ace, German Saphir, and Lemon Drop.  The Uziza melds seamlessly with these late hop additions and provides a crazy flavorful finish to this beer. Truly one of the more unique beers we've ever brewed....or tasted, for that matter.

Twisted Abbot


A complex, malty Belgian ale with elements of dark fruit, caramelized sugar, and a mildly spicy yeast profile. Made with raisins and of dark Belgian rock sugar.